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The JBC FAE1 is a high quality, highly efficient fume extractor. The FAE1 uses smart technology to measure when the soldering station is in use, so that the fume extractor is only be switched on when needed. Up to 2 stations can be connected to the fume extractor (this function is only possible for soldering stations with a ROBOT or USB A connection). The JBC FAE1 also features an integrated extraction system in the soldering holder, which allows the system to record when the soldering station is at rest and automatically extract the fume. This function requires the FAE040 and the FAE050/FAE060.

The device has 3 preset modes for fume extraction, namely low, medium and high. There is also the function to adjust the airflow according to personal preferences.


We at Eleshop recommend that you use the following accessories for a basic setup:

FAE010 flexible hose Flexible hose for connecting your JBC FAE fume extractor with the FAE070 flexible arm

FAE010 flexible hose

JBC FAE010 flexible hose
77.21 €77.21 Excl. VAT
FAE070 flexible arm Flexible arm that can be mounted on your workbench to easily suck up all solder fumes. The FAE070 must be connected to the FAE010 to be connected to the FAE fume extractor.

FAE070 flexible arm

JBC FAE070 flexible arm with clamp
193.53 €193.53 Excl. VAT

Be careful! These accessories are not included! You must order them separately by adding them to your shopping cart. If you are interested in more accessories for the JBC FAE fume extractor, please contact us.


Inlets 2
Power 110 W
Static pressure 3200 Pa
Airflow 180 m3/h
Noise level ≤55 dB
Filter Fine dust- (M5), activated carbon- and HEPA filter (H13)
Filter efficiency

99.95% of particles >0.3μm


USB-B, RJ12, Pedal

Dimensions 382 x 344 x 476 mm
Weight 10.5 kg


The JBC FAE1 comes with:

  • Power cord
  • H13 filter with M5 pre-filter
  • User manual
  • USB A/B cable
  • RJ12-USB A adapter
  • RJ12 direct cable

Pros and cons

  • Fume extraction in soldering holder
  • Automatic detection
  • Efficient


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Review by George 
Posted on 17/02/2023
Amazing! Price is high, but the quality and low noise is super. The lowest noise in range of fume extractors. High JBC quality.