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The Siglent SDL1020X-E electronic load belongs to the SDL1000X series and has a power of 200W. The input voltage is 0-150V and the input current is 0-30A. The electronic load has a measurement resolution of 1mV/1mA.

The Siglent SDL1000X series is a series of programmable DC loads, which have an extensive functionality. The loads can be used with constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR) and constant power (CP) modes. Furthermore, the loads have dynamic CC, CP, and CV modes. Complex loads sequences can easily be generated due to the list operation function. Within this function, you can adjust for each step in the test the setpoints, dwell time and slew rate (slew rate modifications only in cc-mode).

The loads have a wide spectrum of functions such as the 4-wire SENSE, short-circuit, battery discharge, CR-LED and factory tests. It is also possible to measure the time interval between two different voltages without the need for extra equipment. They also come with over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and over-power protection. In addition to that, it is also possible to manually set a threshold voltage when the load should be active.

The loads can be controlled and read out by a PC through the USB/RS232/LAN interfaces. The 'waveform trend chart function' enables you to easily generate and analyze graphs. With this function, you can pause and record waveforms which are very convenient for analyzing graphs. Different parameters can be stored in either the internal or an extern memory. These parameters can be called up whenever needed.

Model overview

The main differences between the models of the Siglent SDL1000X series are shown in the table below.

Model SDL1020X SDL1020X-E SDL1030X SDL1030X-E
Power 200 W 200 W 300 W 300 W
Measurement voltage resolution

0.1 mV
1 mV

1 mV
1 mV

0.1 mV

1 mV
1 mV
Measurement current resolution 0.1 mA 1 mA 0.1 mA 1 mA
Power 200 W 200 W 300 W 300 W
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Input voltage 0-150 V
Input current 0-30 A
Resistance 0.03Ω - 10 kΩ
Min. voltage 0.15 V (up to 5 A), 0.9 V (up to 30 A)
Static modes CV, CC, CR, CP
Dynamic modes CC (0-25 kHz), CP (0-12.5 kHz)
CV (0-0.5 Hz)
Slew rate0.001 A/μs - 2.5 A/μs
Protection OPP, OCP, OVP, OTP, LRV
Display 3.5" TFT-LCD
Interfaces RS232, USB, LAN
Dimensions 256 x 115 x 410 mm
Weight5.8 kg


The SDL1020X-E electronic load comes with the following accessoires:
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Calibration certificate
  • Power cord


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