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The Owon OW18B is a high-quality handheld multimeter that has 3 devices in one: a multimeter, data logger, and thermometer. This multimeter has, in addition to the Owon OW18A, the possibility to connect the meter via Bluetooth to an Android-, Apple- or Windows smartphone. This makes it possible to see analog graphics and tables at the screen of your smartphone. Furthermore, these multimeter is equipped with a variety of functions, such as True-RMS, input protection, automatic scaling and much more.

The backlit screen makes it easy to read the data. With the 3 5/6 display and 6000 counts, the data is displayed accurately. Furthermore, the meter has an auto-off function which extends the battery life.


Model OW18A OW18B OW18D OW18E
Bluetooth No Yes No Yes
Display 3 5/6 3 5/6 4 1/2 4 1/2
True RMS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Counts 6000 6000 20000 20000
Price 22.73 €22.73 Excl. VAT 33.02 €33.02 Excl. VAT 34.5 €34.50 Excl. VAT 49.55 €49.55 Excl. VAT


Digits & counts 3 5/6 & 6000
Max. Voltage measurement DC: 1000 V ±(~0.5%+2dig)
AC: 750 V ±(~0.8%+3dig)
Max. Current measurement DC: 10 A ±(~0.8%+2dig)
AC: 10 A ±(~1.2%+3dig)
Max. resistance 60 MΩ ±(~0.8%+2dig)
Max. capacitance 60.00 mF ±(~2.5%+3dig)
Frequency measurement 0.001 Hz ~ 10 MHz ±(~0.8%+2dig)
Temperature measurement -50 ~ 400 °C ±(~2.5%+3dig)
Input protection
Safety certification 600 V (CAT IV), 1000 V (CAT III)
Power supply 9 V block battery
Screen size 69 x 52 mm
Dimensions 196 x 88.5 x 56 mm
Weight 320 gram


The Owon OW18B multimeter comes with:

  • Test leads
  • Screwdriver
  • K-type thermocouple
  • Crocodile clips
  • Manual (English)
  • 9V battery

The included crocodile clips are not great. We recommend to buy a set of measurement cables with clamps if you need crocodile clamps.

Pros and cons

  • A good price to quality ratio
  • Needs more accurate test leads to measure PCBs


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